Our First Week

Dear CCHC Community,

God bless us and our new school year! It is hard to believe that we are only a few days away! This email is to give you an idea of what your child should bring to classes every day and what we can expect the first week.

We have a wonderful total of 13 students, with possibly 5 more to join us this week. Our students range from grades kindergarten through 8th and we have at least 2 students in each grade level. This will work very nicely for lessons and group activities! We should be so excited!

We have a few students with peanut and dairy allergies. Please speak with your children about food allergies and please ask them not to share their food

with anyone. Any snacks provided by CCHC will be completely free of peanut and dairy products. As a reminder, if you would like to be included in a shared contact list containing your name, child’s name and grade, township and phone number, please reply yes to this email.

As your course materials arrive, please separate out the first workbook in each of the subject areas. Please have your child bring these, the answer keys and lunch every day. Please do not worry if your texts are arriving late. We have a copier and supplemental materials that we can use in the interim. If you wish, you can also send your child in with his or her own pencil case with routine items. We also have those in supply here.

The first week will move a little slowly as we all get to know one another and get organized in the building and on the grounds. Therefore, we will emphasize on getting acquainted, rules and introducing the curriculum as we move through our routine.

Thank you to everyone who already submitted forms and tuition payment! I realize that getting started in a new educational program is a lot of work, and I appreciate your time and efforts. If you haven’t had a chance yet or are still unclear on what to submit, I hope this email will make it easier. On the Admissions page, please fill out the contact form with student information. This helps our organization to maintain a master list of students and their grade levels. Please print, fill out and send the Member Agreement, Emergency Contact Information, and Medical Information. These are very important to maintain on file at the Cooperative for safety and security reasons. On the Collaborate page, please fill out the Volunteer Application indicating how you can contribute to the Cooperative’s efforts, in whatever capacity that may be. This is important for scheduling and in support of our legal status.

Tuition is due on the first of each month and can be paid either via the payment form on the Admissions page or check mailed to our P.O. Box address.

Thank you for taking part in this wonderful opportunity! I look forward to an amazing year with the children!


Elizabeth Cook

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