"Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day.  Teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime. -Matthew 4:19

Welcome to Your Homeschooling Cooperative!

Kids Playing Tug of War

Thank you for considering Cochecton Christian Homeschooling for your children!  We are located in the lovely church on the grounds of the Cochecton Men's Club Park in Cochecton, NY.  The grounds include a playground, a soccer field, a baseball field, a tennis court, and a basketball area.  The location provides abundant opportunities for experiential learning  given its close proximity to the Delaware River, farms, and historic local businesses.

Our Mission & The Benefits of Christian Homeschooling Curricula

Christ-centered Living and Learning

Our mission is to provide your child with a well-rounded and holistic education grounded in Biblical principles and the teachings of our savior Jesus Christ.  We recognize that Christ dwells in us and that we dwell in Him.  In all aspects of our daily work and relationships we will strive to bring praise and glory to God.  Through the practice of our faith we will cultivate the Fruits of the Holy Spirit so that we grow in God's purpose for us, and grow in love for one another as Christ commands us.

Classical Academics

Christian Homeschooling Curricula offer many learning advantages.  All of the coursework is infused with scripture and is interdisciplinary, such that Christian virtues are reinforced in a variety of contexts.  We recognize that education is not simply about ¨learning the subject."  Instead, it's primary objective is the inner-transformation of a child.  It should develop the child's understanding of fundamental truths, such that the child's thinking and habits align to God's will. 


The courses utilize traditional academic methodologies and materials.  For example, the English Language Arts program has phonetic lessons and exercises to help students master spelling.  The mathematics program distributes key fact memorization consistently over the course of study for a solid mathematical foundation.  The science curriculum encourages regular observation of and experimentation with the natural world around us, allowing children to satisfy their natural curiosities about God's marvelous universe.  Each year children read several classic works of literature.  The social studies program provides the historical context to the literary works they are reading, encouraging students to develop diligent research habits and critical thinking skills.

Perhaps what is most unique and crucial to homeschooling curricula is its ability to foster academic initiative and independence.  Homeschooling books are written with the aim of having children take greater responsibility for their own learning.  Each new lesson is expertly explained and modeled at the child's own reading level.  My own son quite easily taught himself to multiple tens numbers using only the homeschool mathematics text!

Community Connections

A homeschooling cooperative can give parents a greater stake hold in the education of their children.  Our community can determine and direct up to half of our curriculum under the broader state requirements for homeschool instruction.  Our children can develop a first-hand appreciation for a wide variety of community professions and endeavors through meaningful connections with our community.    With greater flexibility in scheduling, our association can have tutors come and share their unique passions and gifts with the children.  For example, what better way to learn about our local ecosystem than with a forrester, or about baking than with a baker?   With enough networking and planning, the possibilities become truly endless.  Together, we can work to foster mentoring relationships that could potentially extend into adulthood.  What could be more rewarding for a child than a true sense of belonging and purpose!