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The purpose of this form is two-fold.  First, it will help me to create a schedule of tutors and assistants.  Second, it will help you to think about all of the creative ways that you or your tutor designee can make the instruction more of what you would like to see for our children!

Subject Area:  Please use this field to indicate subjects of interest and experience.

Teaching Assistance:  Please use this field if you are able or would like to provide assistance on a weekly basis.  Examples of assistance range from a half hour for things like worship and Bible study from 8 am - 9 am, lunch supervision at 12, or recess and physical education from 12:30 pm - 1:45 pm.  You might also consider an hour from 9am - 12 pm to assist with academic subjects, or an hour from 1:45 to 2:45 to assist with music and art instruction.  Please especially consider this field if you have a student entering grades K-2 or 9-12.  K-2 instruction requires more individual student contact time for the learning of basic skills.  9-12 instruction may require your help locating additional subject area expertise.

Special Assemblies:  Please use this field if you would be interested in hosting a special experience for the children, for example, a demonstration or an experiential lesson.  Students of all ages appreciate learning about interesting hobbies and skills!  As a public school teacher, I remember students loving things like: making maple syrup, identifying native plant and animal species, seeing birds of prey, learning how to fly fish or how to dance.  And of course, everyone loves to make tasty foods!  This could be a time to teach the children something about home economics, mechanics or basic carpentry, too.  If you need a doghouse or a chicken coop, maybe turn it into a learning project for the kids! Consider coming in to tell the children about your profession!  We also need lessons in health and safety!

Field Trips:  Please use this field if you would like to organize and/or chaperone a field trip.  Field trips can be educational or recreational.

Special Module:  Please use this field if you would be interested in and available to teach the children a lesson over a specific time period.  For example, an art or music composition.  Or perhaps you have a couple of weeks to come in to work with the students on skills for a specific sport.

Organizational:  Please use this field if you would be interested in helping with any of the following:  fundraising, communications, instructional resources, special student events, technology, or art and design.

Executive Board:  Please indicate yes if you would like to serve on the board.  Board members are responsible for helping to fulfill the business and legal requirements for a non-profit organization. 

Paid positions:  As we grow I would like to think that our organization will be able to hire individuals to help regularly with instruction and administration.  In the meantime if there is some special tutoring or service you wish to provide for remuneration, please send me an email with your proposal and hourly rate.

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