Elizabeth Cook

NYS Licensed Teacher

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Like many of you visiting this site, I had explored alternative educational opportunities in Sullivan County for my children.  As a parent working outside of the home, homeschooling seemed a daunting challenge, and the private Christian schools I found were too far away to be feasible for our family's schedule.  About 2 years ago, I felt the call to create an affordable educational opportunity for families who share similar desires and work schedules.  I wanted to create a program to make homeschooling a reality for parents who work outside of the home.

After researching and following the guidance of an attorney and several state homeschooling associations, I found that the best option would be to open a homeschooling cooperative.  A homeschooling cooperative will allow me to utilize homeschooling curricula to meet the academic needs of learners of different ages in a one-room, schoolhouse setting.  It will allow me greater curriculum flexibility in the short term so that I can grow the program to better meet the needs of our families in the long term.

I have a unique combination of experiences that have led me to this mission.  I have been a public school Spanish teacher in Sullivan County for 20 years.  I have also worked many summers in camps and daycares, and understand very well the essential role of play in a child's learning and social development.  My long service commitment to the executive board of our local school union contributed greatly to my knowledge of education and contract law.  I am so honored that my hard work should now culminate in a new and exciting opportunity for our children!  I look forward to helping our children reach their spiritual and academic potentials!

My objective now is to find brothers and sisters to take part in this mission.   There are so many ways to contribute to the association, whether as a tutor or in some other capacity.  No amount of involvement would be too small.  Please see the "Collaborate" page for more ideas on ways to be involved.  In the meantime, please pray that our Lord would continue to send like-minded individuals in my direction!